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 Dresde x Gobernador VIII





Price : 25k euros private sale

Chocolate is a very talented horse with a huge potential for Grand Prix. Chocolate stands out for its expression in his movements, his attitude, and his outstanding elegance and braveness. Together with his clear mind and his willingness to work makes him the perfect horse for the sport. Chocolate is a horse with a lot of power and strength who gives his 100% everyday. Chocolate was an approved PRE stallion by ANCCE thanks to his good morphology and functionality of his movements. He was gelded to improve his life quality, as he was never used as a stallion in the past. He has a friendly character, very easy to handle, brave and he always trusts his rider. Chocolate is a sensitive horse on the aids who learns very fast, with a great capacity and talent to learn the most difficult exercises of Dressage. He loves to hike alone or together with more horses. He's also used to the paddock. The perfect rider for him would be someone with sensibility and knowledge of riding. He is amateur friendly, but not suitable for beginners or people who want to start riding. As he is not the typical heavy PRE, Chocolate is very light and he always wishes to work.

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